RMC/BFM Association

The purpose of the RMC/BFM Association, set up on the initiative of Isabelle Weill, is to work towards prevention and providing information in relation to medical action.

The Group supports the organisation by giving it a profile on its channels.

The association’s main objective is to make defibrillators widely available in public places and in businesses. In order to achieve this, the association is initiating activities to raise public awareness as to the simple yet vital use of defibrillators. It is also seeking to raise awareness amongst the authorities of the need to act within the existing framework to make it mandatory to have defibrillators in public places in the same way that fire extinguishers are.

The association’s goal is to save the lives of victims of cardiac arrest. Every year, cardiorespiratory arrests occurring outside hospital are responsible for almost 50,000 deaths in France. According to Inserm, rapid intervention with a defibrillator would allow thousands of lives to be saved each year. In France, the survival rate for victims of a cardiac arrest is currently estimated at 7%. In comparison, in Seattle, where defibrillators are widely installed, the survival rate is estimated at around 30%.

Find more information about RMC/BFM Association on their website : here.


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