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The group

Radio division

The Radio division includes the activities of RMC and BFM Business radio stations.

NextRadioTV contributes to the CSA's technical studies to identify new frequencies, which will then be the subject of a call for applications.

Acquired by NextRadioTV in 2000, RMC is a general-interest radio station whose programming centres mainly on current affairs, namely news, opinions and sport, and interaction with listeners in a 100% talk-radio format, with no equivalent in France. RMC’s programming schedule is based on a combination of news and sport.

RMC currently operates 264 FM frequencies, one long wave AM frequency and two FM frequencies provided by the Principality of Monaco.

RMC is the top station in France for under 50 year-old men and is ahead of its competitor Europe 1 for upper-middle class.

RMC’s audience quadrupled in 12 years. On the 2014 November-December wave, it attracted 4.2 million daily listeners, representing 7.9% of the cumulative audience. RMC's regular audience share growth since 2001 demonstrates RMC's unique situation among the major French radio stations. Today RMC has a large potential for growth in the North and East of France on the basis of new frequencies obtained in the last few years.


Taken-over by NextRadioTV in 2002, BFM Business Radio is the only topical business and financial news radio station in France. It mixes news, interviews and discussion programmes. Almost 10,000 decision-makers are interviewed every year on BFM Business, analysing and debating economic, social and international matters.

BFM Business covers the major French cities in which its target audience is concentrated. The radio station has 34 FM frequencies.

BFM Business Radio has 449,000 daily listeners and is France's leading radio station among premium target audiences (management and executive officers) offering an ideal medium for advertisers wanting to reach out to this target audience. 

For more information on audience performance, see the “Press releases” section of our website.


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